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As We Go


As We GoPrologue by Sharon Chiquitero

2015—2018: The heat waves begin. Expertos say situation will only get worse. Can’t go to space because little time/resources but underground posible. Bunkers (underground shelters once used during Wars) are expanded to fit more people

2018—2022: Animals are taken como Noah (In la Biblia Noah was told to build an ark by Dios so his family and animals were saved from the Flood), greenhouses built to preserve plants, and art to preserve culture. Leaders fight to work out who of the population to save. Some intelectuales/expertos are taken, the rich buy their way in, but the rest are left.

2023—2025: Heat gets worse. Fires start and buildings collapse. Sequillas and seasons begin to change. El pueblo finally learns that the Earth will burn. Construction of bunkers for everyone else begins (construction was slow but it began in late 2023). These “bunkers” were tunnels, meant to help survive but not for living. Fear caused riots. Panic —> destruction —> death. Governments disappear. Groups (specific names are lost to us but sources say there are records within TA’s private archive) emerge and take people in. They continue the construction and create somewhat hospitable living areas underground.

2025—2064: Most of the people is dead. Those left are taken in by others and they fight over what is left. Air in certain areas is toxic and begin to weaken survivors. Organizations with resources devise makeshift air tanks and by the year 2037 there are various methods and types from which to choose. The organizations are families. They presumably looked after each other.

2065—2067: TA makes small appearances. They take over buildings for the UCE (insufficient data as to exactly when they came together but certain sources say the United Colonies of Earth came into works sometime in the early year of 2031) NHs oppose them right away but the BBs have no say on them

08.01.2067: TA makes its official appearance and kills off leaders of the NHs. War is declared, factions of BBs separate and join them while the rest of BB is neutral.

2067—2072: TA shows off resources. Construction of the domes + recruitamiento begins. They join and promised food/shelter ( it’s rumored that this is when domes receive their name of “sanctuaries”). Organizations like NHs and BBs begin to lose their power.

2072—2076: Raids on UCE buildings lessen with rumors of homes being built for people deep underground to keep them safe from the heat and the air (certain sources say that this is in fact true. After the formation of the U.C.E., construction began for expansion of the population still living underground. The Authority suggested reclaiming the old land) TA says raids hurt the survivors.

2077—2079: Remaining rebel organizations disappear. Construction of the underground Networks is complete on 08.03.2077. Domes are completed on 06.03.2078. Air has become worse and people begin to die. By the 03.31.2079 all survivors move into the Networks and those below move up to the domes.

05.09.2079: The Authority coordinates a last major attack on the last known resistance groups (NHs, SWs, and many others) and effectively wipes them out (stories say some tracionaron, some went and hid). Public told that the resistance groups were raiding medicine supplies.

2080—2087: Survivors live. Most work in the tuneles. They do physical labor. Many die. Little food and so many sick. In the domes, life is different. People have their own homes, which resemble those once on Earth. Tunnels are constructed above ground and on 27.09,2087, the colonies are connected.

2088—2108: Nothing of note occurs on the Surface (See note). Networks change. We all heard stories of what life was like from parents and abuelitos. Some say this is close to it. Children are inducted into programs of education and get better jobs. The Lottery is put into effect in the year 2105 (It is a way to move from the Networks to the Colonies. They move into buildings with smaller one floor homes. They are for those who will work for the S.C.s and for those lucky enough to win).

13,07.2095: The Authority announces to the Surface colonies that medical supplies are running low. Re-population comes to a halt and soon everyone is wearing masks and gloves and interaction with the Network people which had been tentative at best, stops altogether.

03.02.2109: Technology slowly comes into the Networks. Spyders make their first appearance. Advertised as a way to keep the tunnels clean (they were there to watch us).

2109—2111: Spyders are everywhere and people do not feel safe. There is talk of people going missing.

2111—2120: No help from the colonies, Networks only deal with TA. Organizations begin to show up again. They share food and medicine and talk of what to do about the Spyders. Debuggers created (we have no idea when or who is responsible for the invention) and used in all the Networks. They become smaller and better at getting rid of Spyders. TA notices and limits resources.

2120—2128: BBs return. Talk of new organizations all working together. They remake the airtanks and go above to look for resources. TA doesn’t notice until a raid is done on a Colony (no information on who was responsible for this). The Lottery is put on hold after the raid.

23.11.2128: Another raid is organized but this one fails. TA detains all those involved before they can escape. No one ever hears from them again (deaths have been unconfirmed but rumored to be true). Organizations go into hiding.

2128—2130: Raids happen more frequentement because of disappearance of comrades. S.C.s are told of the raids to scare them and also to further divide them from Networks. Raids become more violent and advanced. Spyders are stolen and the parts used to create new devices. Debuggers upgraded to their current form. Rumors of a new tech to get rid of cameras come into use called Matafeeds. Food and medicine comes back into the Network but it’s done in secret.

08.04 2130: Greenhouses are decommissioned in the Networks. One remains in the Fourth Network. This effectively stops the raids. The Lottery resumes.

2131-2136: The fear of low resources lessens and the S.C.s send out search parties outside the Domes to see if any part of the world is habitable. The researchers come back with furniture which they display as relics of the past. A new movement to find more begins which The Authority encourages. Talk of rebellions stops and a new organization called the People’s Council (Consejo del Pueblo) shows up. Originally formed in the SCs they offered support for Lottery winners who migrated up. People are still afraid. Anyone found with illegal objects such as books/medicine/non-corporate food are taken away.

2136—2146: The disappearances begins to lessen. Every UNIT is given at least one tablet device for home use. Those who destroy the tech are questioned and some are taken away. Stories of the RIs begins to spread.

06.09. 2147: Richard Hayes is born.

14.02. 2148: Since the 70s the population of the Surface Colonies has been on the decline. The Companion program is introduced. Companions are a way to help Surface Citizens reconnect with each other but sources now say that it was/is a means to watch and control.

14.05. 2150: Belinda Hayes is born.

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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