poetry Writing Challenges

Day 14: Write another poem

Day 14: Write another poem by Sharon Chiquitero

Claiming Casualties

The warmth feeds
exact visual standards
Compromising for spaces
turning the haunting
to remaining missions
Shift the fire gazes
and distressful side eyes
Raise light fixtures
and deep triumphant crosses.

The wreckage is free
of ruined shore bodies
Amicable endings and bubblegum
apples up on fences
lining the rib-bones
Knocking down favors of abandonment
bouncing off the hesitant steps
into internal metal rooms.

Memorial shifting tones
declining in its rigidness
screaming carved infinities
Startling ribbon lips,
drained of comforts, to launch arrows
of contempt and anguish.

Ripping up stains
and sending up bodies of smoke
Plunged drums of remedies
along stripes of veins
tangling wires of jagged lines
Halved truths of professionalism
lost in wrecked shivers
and pleas in the language of loss.

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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