Poem: Toxic Self-Reflection

Poem: Toxic Self-Reflection by Sharon Chiquitero

Strange armies wander
chewing for a new visit.
Mythic heroes we’ll see
meeting eyes with a lack of water.
Twelve years spent
opening a ceremony,
curly straws and collective daydreams.

A separate drift of filth
hovering along with silent messes
gentle orders, and humming problems.
Refusing to yield locations
of the best elements.
Cheering the adjustments of bright lights.

Tangible rhythm mornings
forgetting the facts of snow,
easy-going sleep,
glowing carts, and rants
buried within walls.
Deadly tributes to sweet vacations
and assaulting holidays with
locked families and
weird camera moments of
distrustful loneliness.

Hiding from good starts
and possible thoughts of static.
Laws of weather questioned
drifting towers and events.
Nothing’s a chase
don’t feel like a yell
give up the cup’s devil
and feel the hips of poison.

Wrote this on New Year’s Eve when my depression and anxiety were at their worst. So hey how about that.

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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