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Day 03: A creepy story

Day 03: A creepy story by Sharon Chiquitero

Summer still isn’t technically over yet. So hey, I can still finish this. I’m not sure if this is creepy enough though.

The knocking in the walls stopped yesterday.

Had this occurred a month ago I would have been relieved. Now I find that I miss the noise; its steady drumming just by my bed.

I’ve taken to staring at the walls, expectant and patient for the knocks to return.

They have not.

However I have noticed something about the wallpaper in this room. While it is bland in terms of colors and should have been replaced by something more suitable for this day and age, it is still interesting to the eye. The pattern is mostly of simple lines going down vertically, broken up by swirls and circles in between them. The circles and lines share the same faded pink color while the background reminds me of a pale lilac.

But that is not the point I wanted to make about the wallpaper. Since I began my vigil of sitting before the place in the wall where the knocking began, I’ve noticed a faint square in the wallpaper. It isn’t obvious enough but after two days of staring at the walls I’ve realized this flaw in the wallpaper is only present here.

There’s also a curious smell coming from this area as well. Something foul.

The smell is easy to ignore though. I simply light a candle and continue to wait without any other problems.

The second night of my vigil is about to turn into the third when I decide to knock on the wall myself. It won’t be the same but I need the comfort of the knuckles striking wood.

I reach out and give it two swift taps. I’m about to continue before something stops me. It’s so low, I almost don’t catch it:

“Who’s there?”

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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