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Day 02: A poem

Day 02: A poem by Sharon Chiquitero

Gosh it’s been a while since I posted here. I apologize. I’m going to try and finish this challenge before the summer is through.

This is a poem I wrote earlier this year in February for my class Book as a Unit of Composition.

The heart’s procession

Mercy left her wandering through
A failing tragedy
Of how small we are.

‘Angel’ and ‘baby’
Destructions of a body
Scarred with ghosts.

Words change minds
Fall short in face of others’ whims
‘It’s just not the time.’


Maybes in their voiced
Refusal to leave
A present
Torn with no time for

Shallow imperfect surfaces
Crave smoothness
Long for

A little more time

Down the stretch
Move through the stairs
Swaying the captains
Of death beds

Back to the sorrows and home
Where a girl is destroyed by
Best for you.’

On a crystal altar
Cries of the damaged
Things she didn’t do

Tiny sacrifices echoing
The divide of reasons
Reassuring brevity in this place

And need

Sucking out the heat of
A body defined by
Soft touches. Cradling

The whines of

A chilled glove
On the open palm
Cracked with shards

Loveliness refined by age.
Taught by pasts and familiarity

Take into account
In between time
Can’t be calculated

Accommodate her space
Brush off the cure
A little scream
Lie just a little

Content to place riches in thought
And thoughts in riches.

Cold white
Her busted forehead

Calls of joy
Sauntering through the door

Sailing towards
Promises of forever

A cold glance
Shutters drawn against
The best of times

Pride fulfilled
With affirmed delights

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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