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Writing Challenge: 20 Days

Writing Challenge: 20 Days by Sharon Chiquitero

I’ve decided to do another challenge. This won’t be done each day. I won’t even bother trying that. But each post will refer back to this challenge because I can’t believe it’s been almost eight months since my last post.

  1. Write a short love story.
  2. Write a poem.
  3. Write a creepy story.
  4. What/who inspires you to write?
  5. Since when have you been writing, and what type of stories do you write? Why?
  6. Write a funny story.
  7. Write about your favorite book.
  8. Post something you are proud that you’ve written.
  9. What is your writing style most like?
  10. Favorite type of literature.
  11. Write a short bio of yourself.
  12. Write a letter to anyone you want.
  13. Write a short fiction story.
  14. Write another poem.
  15. Write a short bio of any of your friends.
  16. Write another short story.
  17. Which types of books do you usually read? Why?
  18. Write a short fairytale.
  19. Write a free verse.
  20. Post a story that you have written at least a month ago.


Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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