waiting by Sharon Chiquitero

The café.

When she sits with her friends, she notices a person out of the corner of her eye. She doesn’t look directly. Too obvious that way. She entertains herself however, by listing what she can see.

Tall. Brown hair, cut just below the jaw. Her friend is talking about her woeful summer. Uninteresting angst she doesn’t want to deal with. Male. Definitely male. Continuously raises his hand to brush away strands from his face. Her other companion (a shy boy who’s crushing on the woeful summer friend) tries to crack a joke. He fails. She takes out her phone to check her messages.

Ten minutes. Brown eyes. She guesses. Another texts buzzes in: Hello. She smiles

Finally she looks up and confirms the face of the blurry stranger. It’s brief but sufficient.

She excuses herself from the table and walks past the boy. She can hear him follow her soon after.

Prompt: Brief Glance. 
Originally posted at livejournal on August 31st @ 12:13 AM

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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