prose Writing Challenges

Day 30: Pirate-Ninja-Zombie Wars

Day 30: Pirate-Ninja-Zombie Wars by Sharon Chiquitero

They don’t know what they’re doing wrong. They have no idea that they’re killing. They are hungry, that is all they know. This war isn’t something they’re looking to win. They’re looking for food. They’re not trying to conquer land or commandeer a bunk to keep themselves safe from the virus going around.

No, it’s far too late for that…

They’re walking around trying to get food. That’s all they want. Is it too much to ask? Quite possibly yes, it is. There’s an entire army before them, set on doing something they don’t understand. They’re here for food.

Who cares about the swords in the other’s hands? Who cares about the stars held between gloved fingers? Who cares that they’re so tired and hungry they haven’t noticed that half of them are missing arms and skin?

That doesn’t matter. They’re hungry.

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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