Day 27: A suicide note

Day 27: A suicide note by Sharon Chiquitero

CW: Suicide

Once again I find myself asking why? Why would anyone in their right mind include this prompt? Do they have any idea how triggering this is? Perhaps not for a “normal” person who hasn’t had any problems but for those who have written these before? This isn’t pleasant.

This is a fucked up box of shit that should never be touched or mentioned or even thought to be clever enough to be written about. No, I don’t care how fucking artistic you might make it, suicide is fucking triggering and if you think for a moment it’s cool to include this in a challenge that’s meant to inspire writing and whatnot you are an inconsiderate tool.

Maybe I’m still dealing with my issues and I’m just “sensitive” or something… Yeah no, this is just a fucked up piece of a prompt that shouldn’t exist. You might ask, “well why didn’t you delete it?” Well, because if I just erased the prompt completely, that would be like attempting to erase a problem I know exists. I know this prompt is triggering for me and I know it would be for others as well. The reason I’m posting this is to explain why it’s wrong for me.

Suicide is not something a writer wants to write about if he or she has been through it. It’s not something you want to talk about or explain. That’s why it’s not acceptable to include this as a prompt. Write about it if you have no problem with it but if you’re giving a table of prompts that are meant for many to use at their disposal, choose a set of prompts that won’t bring painful memories to a writer’s mind. You wouldn’t have included rape would you? So then why include a prompt for a suicide note? Why make that single exception for something that’s just as triggering as that?

Now I shall use a gif to nicely sum up my feelings toward this prompt because I damn well fucking can:

Meant to be posted 3/28/11

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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