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Day 26: A favorite beverage

Day 26: A favorite beverage by Sharon Chiquitero

Dark Delight

Black bits of my essence swirl around
Floating, waving, bitter and sweet.
I watch the people around me crowd
and cheer as they discover my smell.
I’m eyed with reverence
and for a moment
I am God.

“Good Joe,”
they murmur as they sip bits of me up.
They’ve even named me!
I shiver in delight
Coldness is sweeping over me as they blow
onto my body and into my soul.

I’m confused now.
I’m supposed to be hot,
Yet they want me cold.
What is it that they want?
I stand there alone,
Hot, cold, or

Someone comes along and asks,
“Now who left you all alone Joe?”

I stare up at this giant
and shiver as I near the pipe.
A shrill drip goes down
and I’m gone.

Written for a Creative Writing Class in May of 2010
Meant to be posted on 3/37/11

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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