prose Writing Challenges

Day 20: Something erotic

Day 20: Something erotic by Sharon Chiquitero

CW: Sex

Lips frame the lobes of your ear and whisper uncertainly. Wicked words. Soft tongue. Trembling fingers against yours. It’s the first time and neither of you are sure of what to do. But you’ve both read enough and seen enough to guess what is where and what to do. Light touches, skitterish and fleeting. It’s over before either of you know it.

The second time, one of you is too confident. You’ve gone off and done all your research. You’re ready to take her and blow her mind. But she’s soft and you can’t help but melt into her touch. She puts her fingers between your legs and touches you as if she’s known you all along. She knows exactly how to touch you and maybe, she heard you on those nights when you cried out silently, touching yourself while she lied in a bed mere inches from yours.

It’s beautiful.

You know her. She knows you. Sometimes it’s still slow and soft. Sometimes it’s up against the wall, and she’s on her knees easing your thighs back and taking you in. It’s a beautiful sight isn’t it? Her pupils are blown wide and she’s so in love with you. Can’t you see how in love she is with you? So you fall down beside her, take her sweet mouth in yours and topple to the floor, breasts touching breasts.

It’s exactly what you’ve wanted isn’t it?

You’re lying side by side, curled into each other. There’s a distinct line where skin separates you, yet they combine as finger twine. She’s dreaming. You can see it beneath her eyelids. She’s smiling. You lean in and press a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Stay with me.”

You’ve waited for this moment yet there’s something wrong. She’s not supposed to be here, you think. She’s supposed to be miles away. In someone else’s bed. Somewhere else. There, with another soul that lives with her and watches the ocean’s shores. They creep along hills and caves and it’s another world entirely isn’t it?

She isn’t with you.

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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