prose Writing Challenges

Day 17: “The key to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” — Albert Einstien

Day 17: “The key to creativity is knowing by Sharon Chiquitero

What to say about this? This which I am too tired to interpret and write about.

Creativity comes from the possessed mind, but the source of creativity is so complex and hard to hide when you have no idea what to call it. It has no form does it?

Maybe it does. My inspiration for creativity comes from pain. Pain that is accepted and written in order to be forgotten. But does that count as creativity?

How can you call yourself creative when you have no idea how to hold it? When creativity is something to be “hidden”? What if it shouldn’t be? Why hide your sources when it will only come forth either way?

When I write, things always spring forth. Things I wish didn’t. They are there because they influence. No matter how hard I try, they always come through the voice of this writer. Perhaps that is what is meant. Do not address the source. Attempt to hide it.

But don’t succeed.

Meant to be posted on 3/18/11

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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