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Day 16: Faeries

Day 16: Faeries by Sharon Chiquitero

Mariella bathes in the moon. It is her only past time since her friend arrived. It isn’t that she hasn’t anything better to do, it’s that there is so little time to regenerate and regain power. After each battle she and the other faeries come here on the grounds of the castle to find solace in the orb. She knows it is her duty to protect the shrine where the Sun Faeries are to return, but it is taking its toll on her. She is slowly fading into sleep and knows it won’t be long before her entire power is given over for the Sun Fairy, Bedelia. It has been so long since she’s seen her.

Her friend, the last of her kind, has lost her mother, the highest being of the ancient land. Her mother brought her here to rest. She brought her here so she would be safe, and all she has done is harm herself and others. Mariella does not judge her though. She knows the passion that her friend holds in her heart, the fury that resides in that solar presence. She knows because she feels it as well. She feels it more than any of her comrades. They sense it but only on the surface of the Fairy. They know she feels it all.

There is a bond between them that cannot be broken. When Mariella met Bedelia, she knew this was her other half, her equal in power, her bond mate. She feels everything the other does and she understands. She does not judge, she only offers comfort. It is quite possibly the only thing she can give.

She drifts between lunar waves. She is so tired.

Unsure of the origin of the picture above. If known by anyone, please comment so I can credit properly.
Meant to be posted on 3/17/11

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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