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Day 11: An adventure

Day 11: An adventure by Sharon Chiquitero

She couldn’t recall the last time she had a normal day. Everyday was always a mess and a new way for him to fuck everything up. She knew he didn’t mean to get into trouble. But wherever he went, trouble was always hot on their heels. Such a cliché description but it was true.

They were professionals and as such had no reason to run whenever difficulties arose. Stuff of legend, he said, whenever people asked who they were. She was pretty sure that “stuff of legend” weren’t always getting random guns aimed at them, forcing them into a temporary surrender as her companion reassured her with a not-so-subtle wink and did all the talking.

Oh, he always got them out of the mess with heroic gestures and cheeky grins galore, but just once she’d like to bypass all that crap in the middle that usually involved a broken bone or a random half-robot man chasing and cornering her. She’d like to be taken as anything other than the damsel in distress her partner was bribed into rescuing at his own peril. She’d like to be hurt for being a threat, not as a way to get to her precious––

She’d like to see him smile at her for once whenever she emerged victorious from an impossible situation. She hated seeing his relief and utter desperation to get to her whenever he rescued her from their enemies. She was hurt by his lies whenever he said to kill her on the spot because she wasn’t important. She trusted him but she hated being disregarded.

She wanted a safe adventure with him, just once. Just one mission, that’s all she asked for. One mission where everything went fine. Where they were treated as heroes from the start. Where she wasn’t seen as a simple female who needed to be protected by him. Where she was finally her own person without him.

As she stood next to him, watching the sun burn away, she knew it wouldn’t happen.

Meant to be posted on 3/12/11

Written by Sharon Chiquitero

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