As We Go

This was supposed to be a story about two boys: Richard and Benjamin1. Linda was a sister who existed as a foil. Valeria was never there at all. But stories change

There is no revolution in this novel.

There is survival and gray areas and deceit.

There is a family here.

The story I want to tell here is only a glimpse into their lives. Because this is the point where things change for them. Not for the world, not for their families, but for them. These four children who find each other and gain everything together.

New Hill

A collection of interconnected stories all taking place in the city of New Hill. Featuring young people dealing with issues of religion, maintaining queer relationships in a homophobic culture, and finding their place in the world.

San Valen

Another collection of connected stories. San Valen is a pueblito which can’t be found. Los duendes y angelitos watch over this place that continue las creéncias. People speak all sorts of tongues here but Spanish and English are the dominant ones.

  • The Soul Catchers
    Written as a response to a professor’s question, “Why don’t you write in Spanish?” and another professor’s comment, “There is so much to explore in that question and I think you’re ready to confront it.” Sparked by a saying of mi mama.
  • Woven Wishes
    A story about wishes and how you should never ever kiss frogs.